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Amnesia - Gullet lyrics

I know this is probably a long shot, but does anyone know if there is an English translation to ‘Amnesia’ by Gullet? I have been in love with this band and especially this song for ages now though sadly, despite all my searching, I am yet to find any translation.

Anyone know if there is one floating around somewhere, or is anyone willing to have a go at it themselves?



Hi there, here's a translation for Amnesia. Credits go to Emily :


I look at the wall on which my arm is resting.
I raise up the pictures that had been turned around.
I gaze at the smiling faces of the couple inside who are laughing for some reason.
The void rimmed in bright white and pure feelings.
The note has been buried. I looking over the past
...But I don't know you.

Until the morning of regret only time passes
What do these wriggling emotions tremble at telling?
I reach out to the brightness of the window.
I squint at the ridge of the moon.
Feverish love and injurious pain It's a difference of viewpoint.

If I tried to return, to where would I return?
With these lost memories, for what should I search?
Without my memories, I do not know
Your voice or how to love or anything at all.

In a repeating dream I might still think of you.
The shadow alone sways hazily. When I am lonely, I hang my head in shame.
That dream stranges me. It murmured that I want
To cry over the shape of that unremembered couple and I laughed.

It seems like this key is broken.
The tear-colored scene. My back is pressed by a shadow.
Although only the memories spilling out
From this closed album are smiling.

Even now when my crying voice seems torn to pieces
I can't remember anything. The keyhole is buried.

Normally, in that past I look back upon,
When you were close by there was a warmth.
I suppose I thought that those days would always continue.
If am able to meet you again, I'll hold you in these hands,
unseparated, so, without saying you are lonely,


And here's her Gullet fansite : http://www.tokyoyami.com/gullet/
Where you'll find translations to all of Gullet's songs. Enjoy
Yay! Thank you so much for this, and for the link to that site. You've jsut made my day.
And of course the lyrics are a beautiful as I had hoped and imagined.
you're welcome, I'm glad I could help. I also love Gullet, and I know the feeling of looking desperately for lyrics, or translations of lyrics, very well!
Oh, I've been looking for that site ever since her old domain disappeared. Thanks!

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